Wednesday, June 25, 2008

intermezzo- coffee poem

Physics lesson

Morning coffee.
Made in the old espresso gadget from Ikea
as it splatters liquid over the flame,
coffee smell over gas smell.

-what an unusual gadget-I think-
filters coffee from the bottom to the top.
Eureka! Archimedes!
The law of communicating vessels
one of the few I understood other than
Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
for I am myself an infinitesimal particle
in space
unable to realize my momentum

events and people knocking me at the speed of light.


gingatao said...

There is tremendous intelligence and grace in your poetry. Wonderful control over the language, the rhythms and sounds carry the reader through the carefully wrought ideas. It as a kind of classical poetry with a modern identity. Fantastic.

susan said...

I like this in part because I could not come up with something like this- not even close.

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