Thursday, August 7, 2008

learning how to laugh and forget

About six , seven years ago I was talking with my friend back home about Kundera. She was an enthusiast, I had not read him. I promised my fried I will read his books but I a got caught by other events in my life and forgot.

Recently somebody else started talking highly about Kundera and I remembered my promise. I picked up "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting" from my library on Monday and read it: in the bus, during my lunch break, after work hours. In short, I am glad I kept my promise. And since I cannot write reviews I should express my impression in two short sentences.

The first: "Kundera rocks".

The second:"Love at first sight."


I. Cant, said...

I appreciate this. This is the first post about M. Kundera that I have run across by chance (I linked here from RWP, BTW). I, too, am a Kundera fan; and, I must say, another year, another Nobel Prize for Literature that is not awarded to MK, another year of disappointment. Nothing against the other winners...but...sigh

Annamari said...

Well, there is no perfect world...

For anyone that had lived in the communist block long enough to remember it, Kundera has a special resonance... I wish I could find his book in French, not that i have something against the translations but I'd rather read an author in the language he wrote if possible -and i understood his latest books were written in French.