Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I like

Since Raluca wanted to know:

I like:

  • To read. A well written story, a smart newspaper article, a good poem, a funny add on
  • Craigslist, some of your blogs…
  • To listen classic music on the dark
  • Red wine
  • Men that can smile (from their hearth)
  • Long fingers
  • Men with undulating hips
  • Red wine and dark chocolate. And sweets in general
  • My mother’s tomato soup that I could not replicate since I moved to US
  • To walk
  • To talk no-sense for hours
  • To dance when I am alone
  • To lay on green grass
  • Big cities
  • Scarves
  • Old Hollywood Movies
  • To spend time with my friends
  • To play with my youngest children
  • Turtle neck sweaters
  • To travel by train
  • My son’s drawings and my daughter’s paintings
  • To tease the people I love
  • To write
  • To pace things

    I do not like

    To drive
  • Men that want to control my life
  • Ignorant people
  • Tithing
  • To do accounting homework
  • Housekeeping
  • To organize papers
  • To be pushed to do things fast, faster
  • To be interrupted when I try to organize and file important papers
  • Women that proliferate the idea that somehow they are inferior to men
  • People that think that they should not pay child support, and expect you to feel sorry for them

This is a short list, I might go back and update some stuff.


Raluca said...

That's why I called mine Part I -- I feel I could add so much to it.

I'm happy to see that we have a lot in common.

What's the story behind "undulating hips"? :)

Annamari said...

I tried to capture some men I like(d)and date(d) in my poetry and I realized that I did pay a lot of attention to their hips.

Plus, I'd rather date the feline type than the heavy built one (this is why 'undulating')...