Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Readwritepoem#48 (words)

This is my map of you (loving warm and gentle)

To draw your geography
I start with this mound
under your belly and flow on
espresso fields in the sound
of the rain round
to this umbilicus mundi.

note: I could not decide where the commas belong so feel free to use your imagination.
words I used: philharmonic, belly, espresso, rain,field ...and considering the title 3 more words.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful, shape sound and texture create a really lovely reading experience. I think its perfect without any commas.

Annamari said...

I am glad you noticed (and liked) the connection between shape, texture and sound for this time I did focus on form more than concepts.

Anonymous said...

i agree, wonderful as is no commas necessary

i really enjoyed the confluence of geography (place) and philharmonic (sound)

Annamari said...


Thank you for your comment.
I think the confluence between place and music comes from Pythagoras who thought that the universe is so perfect that it sings one gets to love as one gets to sing (with a sense of harmony and perfection)...

christine said...

i like the idea of a person possessing a certain geography to be explored, in this case through music, drawing, and poetry.

Annamari said...

Even though it was not my idea to start with, I picked it up...I think my contribution was thinking in musical terms at this little expedition around one's body