Thursday, May 7, 2009


I had finished my third semester and after a little rest and after I put some order in my affairs, this blog and its links y compris, I'll return to my flirt with the language.

I look forward to share a few books I read lately, some are school related but they draw an interesting picture of American and Japanese industries. I also realized that a vast majority of theorists of mass-production and mechanization are British. That might explain while a vast majority of dystopian novels are British as well. And since we're talking about dystopias , I added "A Clockwork Orange" to my list and enjoyed Kubrick's movie.
There are also two books about the Holocaust and its memories, about our duty to fix what our ancestors' broke with their wrongdoings. Two books saying "It is evil to forget/It is necessary to remember..."(1) . And my conviction that we must also forgive , we cannot perpetuate the guilt, the blame or the feeling of helplessness to our children. But how do you pass on the message without the inheritance of fear and resentment? A daughter that frowns:
"If there is a revolution,she says,
I'll kill myself. All those horrible things
They do to people"(2)
And another daughter that is refused the story because: " Somehow it always seemed as if the story could endanger the offspring and maybe even jeopardize the chain of birth- giving"(3).

And if you do remember my marketing project on recycling, well whilst writing my research proposal I stumbled upon this site: Community Based Social Marketing .
The main difference between social marketing and commercial marketing : the first aims to change behaviors whilst the second only aims to change attitudes. Thus, the first requires more involvement and dedication from the marketer. But if you really care to read more about it, I'd suggest both the site and the book...

I also read your blogs, sorry for being just another quiet visitor but I hadn't much time for comments lately.

(1) Ann Ranasinghe -At what dark point
(2)ibidem ( from an introductory essay about the poet)
(3) Nava Semel- And the Rat Laughed


Paul said...

Yayay, you're back. I missed your calm intelligence and grace.

Annamari said...

ah, so if I post more often I'll miss being missed :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Good to see you back, looks like an interestign link you've given us too...

Annamari said...

I was hoping you are going to notice it...