Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hey, Mr. Koestler
I’d like to be one of your call girls
sum up my happiness from fractions of hope
move up my condo in the quadratic range
curb up demand sans supply slope.

Yes, Mr. Koestler
I’d like to receive invitations for diner
at a Swiss resort. I prefer Zauberberge
where Andre shall play the piano for me
(forget Ali).

If Mr. Koestler
does decide on me I promise
his progeny shall be called ANN
with her brilliant web of synapses fluorescing
beyond the translucent skin
a triumph arched over each radical skinner

if you know what I mean

a quizz poem instigated by Paul and the last blah, blah, blah about "isms" ... and no hard feelings? I hope

and if want to get on the train too.


Paul said...

No of course not. I enjoyed the poem a lot, it is very cool.

Ana said...

and it works great as a general culture quizz:
who is Koestler?
who were his "call girls",
what is the quadratic range(equation) of the supply slope?what was Zauberberge?
what is the relationship between Andre and Ali?
who (or what) is ANN?
what (or who) is a radical skinner?

gautami tripathy said...

Don't we know?


get that card for me

Ana said...

@gautami-well I hope you do :)

Julie said...

I like your poem, too. I don't understand all of the references (the first name that pops in my mind is Arthur Koestler, so I probably misinterpret your meaning). But I still enjoy the questions and language. I especially love:

"sum up my happiness from fractions of hope
move up my condo in the quadratic range
curb up demand sans supply slope."

It makes me want to go look up the quadratic range, supply slope, etc.

Ana said...

Arthur Koestler –but certainly it is him. He wrote a novel called “the call girls” were a bunch of top scientist are trying to find a solution to save the world at a conference in the Swiss Alpes. Thus Zauberberg (e),( the magic mountain(s))- the Thomas Mann novel, however this reference was only marginal)…

I appreciate your comment. The fact that you enjoyed the language- I always worry that using words borrowed from sciences or philosophy turns readers off.

anthonynorth said...

I thought Arthur, too. Great words. In my sphere I remember him most for bequeathing a chair of Parapsychology at Edinburgh University, Scotland.

Ana said...

Parapsychology, wow...I had not read much by Koestler, that I remember the call girls each time someone has the pretence science will sove the world:)