Sunday, October 11, 2009

a good poet

...a good poet
is a dead one
he said.

And all I could but nod my head
we poets tend to think
our words are golden (1)
as we get drunk
by their sound.

A good poet is longtime dead, the editor drizzled the best words over the paper. All that was bad is so long forgotten that even the skillful necromancer can not bring him to disappoint
the reader again.

(1) Nikki Giovanni -Poetry


Paul said...

It is strange combination of vanity and self-loathing required to call oneself a poet, indeed.

Ana said...

and since a cold shower was needed, I took the chance of a hangover in bad poetic form :)

Chris Never said...

From my experience, on a given day, a good poet will bask in the joy of their gift, followed by the next day where everything they have ever written is a disaster of the highest order, it is always, a double edged sword to carry, good piece.

Ana said...

thank you Chris,I'll hold to this idea...

Julie said...

I enjoyed this. Yes, vanity and self loathing. Poets are annoying creatures...ha! ha!

Ana said...

my friends will agree with that I'm afraid :D (I'm quite annoying)

Anonymous said...

so long as one becomes a poet before they are good and dead. Perfect.

Ana said...


Anonymous said...

wow so many conflicting places to be at once in this poem--and I so relate!

Ana said...

thanks. What is a poet without her conflicting places?