Thursday, February 4, 2010

Human (2)

A single man

We are going to New York this week end and we know that for our movie night it is going to be Avatar.
Now, other than Avatar there are a few other movies on the Oscar list I’d like to see. And one I have been weighing on: A single man”. I recently read the book –and if I’d use only one word to describe it I’d use: human. As you’ll probably read from other reviews that the book covers (again) gay issues, I am not going to rest much on this fact. Yes, the book is about a gay man mourning the loss of his life time partner in a way that can be hard to explain, as he was not able to always mourn in public. but it is also about an old man fearing about the gap widening between him and the younger generations, fearing old people houses, wondering at a point about “his old teacher rambling”. Human fear, human bitterness… and also human tenderness in his relationship with Charley. And now I fear that as it happened for most of the books I loved, I will dislike the movie. I liked the trailer. I heard that both Colin firth and Julianne Moore did an amazing job… So maybe I shall see it.

Price Reduced Again

Julie’s poetry is just amazing in spite of her choice of simple language. Her eye for spotting the human touches in her troubled characters is well complemented by choice of language: alive, would be the best to describe She does remind of Grace Paley :”Poetry is too literary/…”
You can purchase her book, or read her poetry on her blog: the Buffaloe Pen.

Now, Julie does have a keen eye for people preserving their humanity during hardship. I am afraid I do not. This is why I might ended almost getting robed when trying to give a dollar to a panhandler. I am ok (and now I carry pepper spray too). But I am also scared to give change on the street because I could not possible say if the person in cause will not go crazy as it happened last time. And I also believed I should share my blessings, and I could give through organized institutions… but as much as these institutions do they lack the human touch. The ability to maybe , not just give but also listen… And I am angry, angry that she took it away for me. Angry because I do not feel I can overcome this fear…


Julie said...

Hey, thanks for the nice words, Ana! I didn't see this one at first. Thank you very much.

I am sorry that you had such a terrible experience, though. I don't think you have lost your humanity. You're just using common sense, which I admittedly, do not have much of :) I am often too trusting of strangers.

People do love to tell me their stories, and I love to listen. The people in the chap are all real. They weren't the type of people to rob anyone. But I could have been hurt by others throughout my life, because I put myself in dangerous situations. If I were nearly robbed, I would feel the same way you do. Yours is a normal human reaction. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're a good person! I can tell that just by reading your blog.

And thank you again! I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

Ana said...


your chap deserves the praise.
I know that most beggars are not about to rob anyone, I am in NY now and I see them on the street, sitting or playing music in their corner, quite non-agressive.Thank you for your kind words...