Tuesday, March 9, 2010

U.S. versus Romania

The graph above how exports of raw agricultural materials compare with exports of manufactured goods as percentages of total merchandise exports for a sample of 48 countries from the low, middle and high income groups.

Sampling criteria: availability of complete data, proportional representation of each group.

As you note (if you have really good glasses) , in 1995 Romania was exporting a little bit more in manufactured products than the US. Not that bad. It means we always had goo potential.So why is the US at least thrice as developed as Romania? Well, it is a matter of gross product -or how much money these exports actually bring in.

The GDP data was not considered for the graph as I only compiled it for a paper about issues related with food exports for low-income countries so it only had to point out the fact that in these countries food exports are a highest percentage of the total compared with middle-income (Romania) or high-income (US).

Original Data: UC Santa Cruz. (1995) UC Atlas of Global Inequality Database retrieved from http://ucatlas.ucsc.edu/query.php


Narnie said...

I wonder how the situation might have been different if the EU had been in place then, with Romania a part of it. I am convinced that it held many of the East European countries back (and yes, I include Russia in that) not just economically but politically. A fascinating report.

(thank you for visiting my blog... so glad you liked that poem. It's one of my favourites too :) )

ana said...

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Ana said...


I would not hold the EU entirely responsible for the economic situation of East Europe. Not because they did not take advantage of the high potential for cheap quality labor – but look what Dacia had become under the management of Renault. But we are the only to hold responsible for issues such as corruption and mismanaging our own resources. And, of course, the half century totalitarian regime did not really help. I am sure that if I’d pay for it I can get more recent data , but for a school paper I used what I could get in terms of free data.
I enjoyed the poem –I have your blog on my Reader which explains why I only visit it seldom. But the graphics attracted me so I had to see how the original looked like 

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