Thursday, April 1, 2010

April madness: napowrimo#1

Prompt: shuffle MP3, use first five titles as the base for a poem

I shuffled my Android (not as eclectic as my ITunes playlist, but…) and this is the silly result in poetic form:

Midnight dance

…watch the pairs moving slowly on the dance floor

this is not America, the puritan

where lovers were punsihed by scarlet

labels. I touch your hand: my tender

China girl, we both love the midnight radio
You take off your red shoes and say

let's waltz, let's dance la javanaise ...
and you are the most beautiful girl in the room

Titles: This is not America, China Girl, Midnight Radio, Let's Dance and You are the most beautiful girl in the room. The last title came with the phone and the shuffling on the Android seems to pick related titles, otherwise I cannot explain why 3 David Bowie out of five. More shuffles for the napowrimo challenge on the read, write poem website


Ron. said...

A very satisfying read. Thanks

Ana said...

you are welcome

Jessica said...

I really enjoy your use of the Bowie lyrics. Great poem!

Kagerrr said...

I absolutely love this. I think it is because the song lyrics, though random, somehow just...come together. It is really beautiful!

Julie said...

Hi, Ana. I enjoyed reading. It's wild how David Bowie kept coming up, but I think it works well. You also gave me a good idea. I was trying to think of some poetry games for teenagers. I love Read Write Poem, because they always have great exercises. Thank you!

Ana said...

thanks. it helps if you lie Bowie
I imagine it is the way the shuffle function was programmed -it is not the first time, and not only Bowie.