Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Confession Tuesday -Digitize me!

I don't' have a phone (will call later from my android)
I do not have cable TV(I streamline movies , news & discovery channel shows)
I ask favors from people I never seen in human flesh.
I cannot cease to look surprised when
some of the people I admire & know best
I only met online.
I (even) fell in love digitally
-a few times.
I go to school
-online. Read books
-online. Never met you
-but will break up with you.
I'll call, no better text -or better e-mail from my phone.
So clean.
Digitize me!


Paul said...

That is very cool.

earthwalker said...

:) I agree

Ana said...


Bryan Borland said...

I love this! Especially by the time we get to the break up. Excellent work!