Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Confession Tuesday: girls & gadgets

Annamari. two notes.

"It is common knowledge that most guys do not like to ask for directions. This is why they invented the GPS. And cell phones with GPS service...

There are also a few girls who do not like to ask for directions. Like me. It does not take us long to become gadget dependent. So when I had to take the kids I watch for the summer to meet their parents at the country club -which, by the way, is quite close to their house- I only asked for the street number.

I traced my way using the Google map app, and I dragged the poor kids around the golf field to someone's house. But I'm lucky - the owner was actually in the yard so I did not have to actually knock on someone's door to ask for directions. I just had to say :” Hello, hello? hmm…I need to get to the country club building. Do you have any idea how can we get to the Country Club ? My GPS is telling me it is right here…”

Of course, the GPS got me across the golf field from the Club’s building. And I still had to stop and ask for directions. I had to drag the kids all the way back. But this time we took a shortcut – we crossed the field."


"The WeatherBug app –weather forecasts, of course- does also use the GPS feature to determine my location. Lately it had played tricks on me –when I tried to check the weather I discovered that according to my GPS I was in Texas or Indiana. And quite a few times. Even in Alaska. Once.

One rainy day I woke up in Sunnyvale, California. According to my GPS… because outside it was still Pittsburgh, still raining. I called off work. I realized that if I get out , in the rain I will be unable to enjoy my sunny day in Sunny Vale in California."


Note: a mishap when I edited this blog lead to the deletion of  several links towards on-line magazines I do read from times to times. I recovered several of them and you can find them now under the label "Places".


Julie said...

Hi, Ana. According to your weather app, you really get around...haha! From Texas to Alaska!

I really need to get a GPS, because I'm always getting lost. I print out google maps, and I usually do fine until the last couple of miles. I'm the world's worst with directions.

Your description made me laugh, but I imagine it wasn't funny while it was happening.

Ana said...


It seemed funny to me too, as I was writing about it...

When I bought this new cell phone, music player, agenda, web browser gadget I felt a bit guilty -spending to much money on it because this is a fad.
But considering the built in GPS & features , now it feels more like a all-in-one type of deal.The problem is that it uses the google maps feature with the GPS. sometimes the google maps are a little off , in spite of the GPS :after all there was still the same golf filed, just the wrong side of it...