Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Confession Tuesday: Extravaganza(s)

Extravaganza according to Merriam-Webster, 2 : a lavish or spectacular show or event.

(In fact a kiosk selling $5 Kubideh Kebab is neither lavish, nor spectacular. Even if the kebab is Iranian...  But the conflict kitchen concept in Pittsburgh is (a little) extravagant. It does not lack customers though –the food is definitely yummy…)

The reading extravaganza festival – I am not sure it was as spectacular as my daughter had imagined. But it definitely made a splash – after all that rain there was plenty of water and mud to go around. To this add plenty of events involving more water, thunderstorms and mermaids.

And boat races

Certainly, where it is water there are also some fish to catch. Or books…Unfortunately I was only granted a few nanoseconds for browsing through the teen section before I got dragged to the “Oh, mommy, these books have pictures!” section. This is how I explained  later to my teenage son why he got a book about teenage girls in his pile– Hey, I only read the title “Nerves Out Loud” and thought it will fit you like a glove. Plus the kid on the cover picture could very well be a boy –

Ok, I admit -I am short sighted.

Nerves Out Loud: Critical Moments in the Lives of Seven Teen Girls
“Nerves out loud” is a collection of seven short stories. Seven accomplished women writers share their unique, life-changing experiences as teenagers. Middle-class girl gone wild (you are not insane, you are a poet). The next door girl struggling with an eating disorder. What it is to be a foster child. How it feels to fell in love with your best friend when she is also a girl… Seven different stories, seven different girls and yet one open, honest tone. One style, straightforward, equally accessible and captivating for the teen and adult reader. Hence, if you know a teen girl do not hesitate and gift her the book.

And if you know if there is a similar collection for boys – drop me a note. I am  still searching…


Julie said...

I used to be a Youth Services librarian (birth through young adult), and this post really takes me back. I loved the summer reading programs and usually got in trouble with my boss, because I made the programs wild and messy. But the kids loved it.

It was tough to find collections for boys. I ended up setting up a section of graphic novels, and the boys loved it. Lots of comic books...but then I would slip in classic novels that were made to look like comics. If the boys liked it, I would give them the "real" book to read. It was a great way to introduce kids to classic novels.

There were other current books the boys loved, but I can't remember them now. I'll let you know if I come across anything current for boys today.

Thanks for the recommendation for "Nerves Out Loud." I know several teen girls, and I'm always looking for books to share with them.

Ana said...


That is so true -kids love wild and messy.