Friday, October 29, 2010

Eco-Friday: Memories of a house sketch

The story:

As many a cityperson - and you know that type : born, raised, lived her whole life in the city. So, as many a cityperson I am not quite content with my suburban living arrangement. For example, I’d love to be able to walk down to the coffeeshop in the morning without getting fully awoken by the trip. I’d like to wash the sand of sleepy dreams with a coffee and a muffin and not with a mile walk. Although I am aware the walk is a healthier way to wake up in the morning, but these bad habits die hard if ever. And there is that sprawling problem as well. Not here, in my suburb, but out suburbs sprawl like fungus - something that’s benign in itself but wears off the healthy organism of woods and pastures and orchards and crop fields until it falls to illness.

And even though I have the certitude of ending my life in a condo building, I already know that going back to the city will not be an easy task. I will miss the quietness , the views from my front porch and maybe the whole concept of white fenced house…?



Hannah Stephenson said...

Are you getting ready to move? Me too! I know just what you mean.

Ana said...

I am not ready to move...Not yet. I have two years ahead before we graduate high school to weigh on my decision: urban or suburban.

I was just trying to compare the alternatives from a subjective point of view...