Friday, July 4, 2008

Anaïs on Ieronim (Nim)

“The only quality Nim brought to this small group of friends was his ability to listen. Mona and Yuri, they are good people, but they are so caught in their busyness that they even forget to listen to themselves. This is why they needed him, they needed somebody that will listen, just listen. For Nim rarely did more than listen to you, he tried not to give advice or judge your actions. Seldom, when he said something, he always seemed to understand better then you did, though those were your words and actions you were talking about.
Nim was nothing more than a librarian, a useless job if you ask Annamari, for she can not understand their purpose. For me, they are the keepers of the books, the ones meant to protect them against a new Savonarola and his maddened sacrifices. When I told this to Nim, he laughed, but I knew he approved, for his only wisdom came from listening to books as much as he was listening to people".

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