Friday, August 29, 2008

From PGH to PHX:open letter to anon#758634295

I got this bad habit of doing a lot of Internet browsing while at work. Mainly because my day job consists on dealing with idiots that can not be called as such without taking the chance to get fired. In all honesty not all the people I deal with are idiots, just enough. So I count on all those smart quirky posts from, let’s say, “best of Craigslist”, for a breath of fresh air.

To bad when posts such this one get voted to the best list:

This guy swears that if he wasn't sexually attracted to girls that he'd be gay. Really?
I swear that if I were not attracted to man I’d be gay too, but ya’ gotta know that being gay means exactly that: being sexually attracted by people of the same gender as yours. Now you gotta’ feel for this poor guy ‘cause he’d make a good couple with one of his beer buddies (or at least he thinks he would).
But, unfortunately his beer buddies are not coupling to the idea, so he’s single. He’s so sad and mad, look at the post title: “Girls Piss Me Off ! ! !” Poor fella ‘, he does not understand why women do complicate the world.
Well, let me tell you the truth, dear Craigslist fella:
Most guys piss me off! ‘Cause their dumb. That’s why they don’t usually understand.
And what saddens me most is that the guys that are not dumb are:

o Already married, not likely to get a divorce soon. I swear if I were their wife I would not let them go.
o Ugly. They make great friends but I just can’t pass over that threshold and date them. (Trust me the threshold is not that high, but there is one).
o Gay. And to be honest if you’d be gay I’d be totally fine with that. But some of this guys are hot and smart. And we’re even getting them to listen to us - I imagine that’s partly because they’re not to busy to stare at our boobs and they can keep their neurons in that head people usually need for a decent conversation.
As for your issue:” YES IM STILL SINGLE “. Thanks God you are (still single). Or I would really have to pity that poor gal that dates you.

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