Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waltz- an intermezzo

A friend of mine said once that a balanced, healthy relationship is like an waltz -two partners: eye to eye, hand in hand , dancing with simple steps through life...

another friend of mine told me that marriage is to be seen only as a fruitful combination of its social role (the family) and religious one (unity in God).

For all my friends I wrote this


Your fingers touch my skin
between shoulder and elbow
stop the falling dust in the hour clock
“I wish to waltz again”

To waltz,

of souls enticed.

To waltz?
was impossible
for the debutante
wearing a bright red dress
at the first ball of the season.

Admit it:
You wish not
to waltz me
but him.
Another dance
you will end
with this thought:
“Thy True Name Love,


Anonymous said...

That is a really lovely poem. It spins and circles like a waltz and has great balance and control over tone and a delicate texture. I think you are a wonderful poet and the fact that you are writing in a second language makes your achievement even more special.

Annamari said...

I thank you for the nice words. I do appreciate your comments.
This poem is very special for me, hence I am so happy you liked it.