Monday, October 27, 2008

me and the Sushi

The bar is only a line, too narrow
to separate him from the dull eye
of the public. He has to capture attention.
Crazy he goes with his pans
and his spices and the fish carried
from the deep belly of the sea
to his kitchen. He cares for this burden:
the art a tradition to teach to
some fad amateurs staring at the scene.

Trust me, “ said the sushi chef
“you do not want the extra sauce”
and thus he accounted for balance
between me and his tradition,
as I get ready to swallow
his whole culture, a nation
from the tip of my tongue


Anonymous said...

That is a supercool piece of hypertextual art poetry of the highest order. The idea behind it is complete and acts as a motive impulse behind the whole piece. It has thematic integrity, an orginal thought and unique expression. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

thanks for including the links--it really adds another dimension which works so intrinsically well but rarely taken advantage of

Annamari said...

thank you for your comments,
I thought I give it a try (hypertext poetry) -though most of my work is still in the sweet classic style. I am so glad you liked it

S.L. Corsua said...

This blew me away, how the poem has progressed from beginning (bar, narrow line) to end (nation, tip of the tongue). It makes the subject cuisine so much more mouth-watering. ;) Cheers.

Annamari said...

thanks s.l.
I guess it does bring an extra savor to the sushi...

Anonymous said...

I love the "fad amateurs" -- you captured them well here -- nice


Annamari said...

Thank you Barbara.
I think the idea was that sometimes the traditional cuisine or art of a foreign culture becomes a kind of fad, something cool to eat (or write or read or watch). But it loses its intrinsic value, it becomes empty form...

Julie said...

Hi! I saw you at the link on S.L.'s site. This is wonderful. I love the hyperlinks. I've seen it done a bit, but this is the best example I've seen yet. And your last three lines are awesome!!! The whole poem is excellent, but I really get excited when I see a powerful ending. It's nice to meet you.

Annamari said...

It is nice to meet you too (and to read your poems).
I agree : a good end might make an otherwise rather mediocre poem become remarkable.
As for the hypertext and links , I think they add some spice to the posting directly on an web log.