Monday, October 13, 2008

Readwritepoem #48

the words

Tatterdemalion slink across our chrome alleys.
In our villas, we depleted memories friezed in
Sacred Tablature.

Lost symbols, nobody recognizes
nowadays the tribal artifacts we locked in antiquated courtyards ,
remain untouched.

Yet, as civil guards scream obscenities,
lost meditation resurfaces.

Brilliant gods descend from oblivion
in unforgettable words.

Note:I did not feel the need to change many words, or add too much, but the end. For me it became a poem about re-discovering what we lost, not the loss itself.
As we put the words together they seemed scattered, as they had lost their meanings but each of the contributors managed to put them together in a meaningful poem. So it is the miracle of re-discovering the words and their meaning in a collaborative work maybe…


gautami tripathy said...

Very cohesive way of putting it!

your undoing

Rob Kistner said...

wow - this was velvet smooth, and rich with images...

"Brilliant gods descend from oblivion
in unforgettable words"


Annamari said...

Thank you
the images were there, I guess, except the final one.

Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Love the Brilliant gods!

Nathan said...

"Re-discovering the words" exactly. I love the way you kept this pared down to essential imagery. And the end is wonderful.

Annamari said...

Sweet talking guy:
I like brilliant gods as well for gods are not much without the sparkle.
Thanks. Keeping imagery to basic leaves more for the reader's imagination.