Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NaPoWriMo #22

List poem

It had to be based on five poets I love, one line from each ... It's late and I do not have the energy to dig  for five poetry books so I just picked the first five: some poetry, some prose and made the best use :

I went on being, and being always (1)
The friend, the lover's portrait of whom his friend his lover was fondest (2)
For whom I disavowed my past regrets and said
Call me be but love, and I'll be new baptized;(3)

My heart, like dust, raised beyond your steps (4)
the darkness smelled of rain of damp grass and leaves
the gray light drizzling like rain the honeysuckle
coming up in damp waves (5)

more poems here

(1) Pablo Neruda -Goodbyes
(2) Walt Whitman - Recorders Ages Hence
(3) William Shakespeare -Romeo and Juliet (obviously)
(4) Gustave Flaubert -L'Education  Sentimentale (my translation, original:Mon coeur, comme de la poussiere, se soulevait derriere vos pas)
(5) William Faulkner -The Sound and The Fury



Bsquared86 said...

Well done!

Linda Jacobs said...

I love how the first one sets the mood and the others follow! Good job!

gautami tripathy said...

You really did good here!

gyrating on its own steam of oath

Annamari said...

thank you. it is easier to write when using other's words. And Faulkner with his long sentences gave me three full lines (wonderful lines, the man was a poet too after all)

Wayne Pitchko said...

i liked this.from another lazy poet..but im retired so i got excuses

Pam said...

I really like the last stanza. Who could believe that Flaubert and Faulkner could go so well together.

Kimberly said...

An interesting mix, but it works. And Shakespeare too - yay! Well done.

Annamari said...

yes, especially Flaubert - what a beautiful lyrical line from a realist!
one can always find some good line by Shakespeare when there is lack of inspiration...

Chris Never said...

It is quite amazing how well the words come together in this selection, well done.

Paul said...

Hello, Ana. That is a beautiful found poem collage type thingy. Hope everything is going well.

Annamari said...

thank you for the comment.
all well but I am very, very tired...