Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reading Travels: South Asia

Since I can remember myself reading, I can remember my readings covering several geographic patterns: at first were the Romanian authors and the Russian which one can easily find in the bookstores and libraries. When I started to be able to follow French books without stumbling on every other word, I did start to explore French language authors. But do not let me bore you with the story of my reading travels since the only reason to mention it is that one of my reading destinations was lately South Asia, mainly India and Sri Lanka. And since I am not that good when it comes to motivate myself, where could I find a better motivation to continue my reading travels in South Asia but in a Reading Challenge. So I decided to take on S.Krishna's South Asian Reading Challenge.

And, for now, these are the books I plan to read:


1.Anne Ranasinghe: Against Eternity and Darkness

2.Rabindranath Tagore: The Gardener


3.Vikhram Seth -A Suitable Boy

or Amitav Ghosh -Sea of Poppies 4. Salman Rushdie –Midnight Children

5. Michael Ondaatje: Anil's Ghost

6. Indra Sinha: Animal's People

YA Fiction:

7. Shyam Selvadurai: Swimming in the Monsoon Sea

For you, who read my blog now and then, it means that you'll have to bear with my poor reviewing skills, but if you do bear with reading them you might have the chance to discover some worth-to-be-read authors. For this guide might not be too skilled on explaining about the pathways she is inviting you to follow in her travels, but she can be trusted with their choice.


susan said...

So good to be back here. Glad you're joining the challenge. Don't worry about your reviewing skills, but if you do, know you have company.

Ana said...

I am glad to see you back here.
As for reviews, oh well, we can only try.