Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Tent Poetry: step 1

The poem I wrote as my first answer to the Big Tent Poetry prompt: "letter to an absent friend" has proven to be an inspired one.

A friend , one I had in mind when writing the poem, as he was unusually quiet during that  period e-mailed me the next day. He was not the only friend that I felt starting to drift away when writing it, but he was the one to reply. And thus he assumed the poem.

And if you read it when I first post it on my blog you may recall the end:
"the letter you never got to mail."
but I got to mail it, well email it, when Bryan called for submission for the most recent chapbook he edited:

And  not only that it got accepted.  It also made O.  admit that sometimes the most unrealistic horoscope type predictions may become true: " Aquarius, someone from a far away land, will publish a poem with a dedication to you."

I also got to enjoy my electronic contributor copy while waiting for the hard copy to come in the mail. For now- Leigh Binder's "No more hags" -(but gay nannies) got my attention.

Note:  The weeks'  prompt was actually about words,but my  poems seem to have a mind of their own. More poetry circus under the big tent.


vivienne blake said...

What a great word: promptagonism!

What's wrong with a bit of silence - Simon and Garfunkel made a lovely song abut the sound of it.

I found your layout intriguing, and the emotion of regret conjured up by the poem.

Ana said...

nothing wrong with a bit silence. thanks:)

Derrick said...

Sad and gentle silent sounds in this. I like it.

Cynthia Short said...

very lovely and yearning...who hasn't written letters that they then just threw away?

flaubert said...

This is beautiful.
"Kind eyes
materialize a smile, a waltz,
an invitation, the days when
you won’t recall my name"

Ron. said...

"...the presence of your absence"

I, too, have felt it. Thanks for reminding me. Well done.

And thanks for stopping by Scrambled, Not Fried

Julie said...

Hi, Ana. This is such a beautiful poem and makes me think of a special friend. "The presence of your absence…" is an excellent line. There really is a physical feeling with an absence, isn't there?

I'm glad your poem has a mind of its own, because I enjoyed it very much.

Ana said...

@derrick. Thanks
indeed. Lucky me I have a blog so it's not totally lost ;)
that is my favorite too
@Ron and Julie
I love its power, the suggestion too. but I am afraid I read it someplace else

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana -- This poem is lovely and quiet. Your layout choices really let me hear the sound of the pauses, and I especially like the effect it has when reading aloud the "...this letter. // A letter" and "Your eyes. // Kind eyes" lines.

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog & commenting on my poem for this prompt :-)

brenda said...

Ah, the missing, the yearning, the words that come but don't go...
well done. The lay out is interesting and added pause to the piece. Effective!

Tumblewords: said...

Powerful with memory. A lovely read.

Ana said...

... and thank you for taking the time to read it out loud.
yes. and also the time we do not take to be with friends...
glad you did enjoy.

Paul said...

That is beautifully made and delicately crafted letter poem. Very gentle touch but very strong in it's architecture.

Deb said...

The poem written is the poem that must be written! So glad you followed your instincts (or urges or).

I like the line others noted. The layout and indents really set the thoughtfulness at play. Allows the silence to echo & ring.

It's nice to read your words.

Anonymous said...

deb's right about silence: sometimes it has a sound of its own.

glad you went with it!!

Ana said...

many thanks (this is proof that language sometimes overpowers the poet)
@Deb & Carolee
I am glad you like it...I'll try to follow my 'instincts' more often :)

Paul said...

Fantastic! Congratulations on the publication. I must get a copy of the book this payday. It looks like Bryan's project is going to be another brilliant success. Onward and upward!