Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the meaning of things?

Forty days had passed since the death of our dearest friend, almost six weeks. Two weeks since I moved here and started my new job at the Library.

I found the living accommodations very suitable –your friend is even nicer that I was expecting it. And yes, my job at the library keeps me very busy. To my surprise I find it captivating, it is much more about it than re-shelving the books and helping with the new catalogs. Next year I may be the one leading the writing program for young writers.  You may tell Annamari not to worry; I try to accomplish meaningful things.

Surprisingly, the more I get involved into all these noteworthy activities, the more I fall apart from the real meaning of things. This is why I was unable to write poetry lately. The more I do, the less I have something to tell. Isn’t that strange ? (Of course, you shall not mention this to Annamari).

As always,



Paul said...

A delightful strangeness.

Ana said...