Friday, June 4, 2010

Eco-Friday: Energy alternatives (repetitive)

As Yuri browsed the web for news on the BP oil effects on energy reform (his business made some bets on alternative energy) his jaw dropped as he read the second comment to an article about the ways the spill could actually hurt the chances for reform.

“This Cristoph guy, he’d note later, blames it all on environmental activists. As if, using faulty , untested equipment in deep water drilling was not something that BP could avoid. I wonder if a thorough investigation, if one will take place, is not going to bring up some risk analysis papers that show that the cost of the spill is less than the costs of a few more years of testing and research to reduce the consequences of such accidents. But, no, it is those darn environmentalists who sent poor BP digging…mhhm… drilling for money in deep waters .”

“To me it looks that the conservatives themselves are potential sources of alternative energy” shrugged Annamari.

“How comes?”

“With so many interpretative twists and turns on the facts the conservatives seem like a pretty good source of vibrations to me”

Note: the articles mentioned above:

Why the Oil Spill Could Hurt the Chances for Energy Reform and

How Everyday Behaviors Can Produce Clean Energy


Paul said...

Ha! They generate enough hot air and empty bluster to power a entire city, Ana. You're right about BP doing a cost analysis, hopefully it will inform future decision making.

Ana said...

Yuri was right about BP doing...

Well, maybe I shall get myself a conservativ for the winter lower the heat bills?
Caveat: not all conservatives are equal, so this only regards the ones full of hot air.Also, liberals can be full of it too...