Wednesday, September 8, 2010

about renewal

The first dawn - year 5771

"En medio del camino de nuestra vida"
Dante Alighieri -La Divina Comedia
El Infierno: Canto I

So spoke the poet: I found myself lurching in darkness because the right path was forgotten.

They call it midlife crisis nowadays.
What's a midlife crisis? It's the stuff of jokes and stereotypes –
The time of life when you fall for a much younger woman
or man. He buys a red sports car or
walks out the door to buy cigarettes and to never return.
Or they just walk out of their lives .(Three years in the row.
It happened three years in the row, from what she knows)

What's a midlife crisis?

these days, the old midlife crisis

more likely to be called a midlife transition

--  it's not all bad.

So spoke the woman as
she unlocked herself from the earthliness
of her goals and asked  from him
no more, no less  but to create the world.

Also used text from :"Midlife Crisis: Transition or Depression?" by Kathleen Doheny , retreived from:


Julie said...

Hi, Ana. This is a great topic and very interesting. When I was a teenager, a woman told me that high school would be "the best years of my life." How sad that is. How wrong she was! I was a self destructive, depressed teenager, and I hated myself.

Now I look in the mirror and can see beauty, inside and out. I still irritate myself on a daily basis, but I can actually say I like who I am now. I'm not even sure when midlife officially begins, but I agree that it can be a beautiful transformation into exciting discoveries. I look forward to my first wrinkle.

Thanks for another interesting read. I hope your week is beautiful.

Ana said...

Thank you Julie.
And hope that will both age beautifully and peacefully