Sunday, September 19, 2010

a bigtentpoetry prompt

He  just wanted to posses her too much and so he concocted a dreamland from grassroot movements surviving only in history books, from the seeds of her hope and the vapors of her dreams to embellish his barebones reality. He lured her in his Spanish sandcastle...and to trap her  he built room after room on the resemblance of her dreams. So  in an end he ended falling into her dreams ..He started believing that what he told her this land to be this land was. That what she  wanted him to be he was…

First she was too much of a child to note that the evidence, the facts contradicted her hypothesis & his theory. Enslaved  by the spell of his chant, caged beyond the bars of her own beliefs … it is how they  lived  happily for several long years. Because she had a strong backbone that young lady, she would rather submit herself to unhappines than betray the loyality and faith she was once asked to give.

But children outgrow their naiveté and those who fall in are bound to fall out. He felt betrayed when she left. He could not phantom why their arrangement  was just a temporary one. Her beliefs should've been real , should've kept her bound to him.  And I could give him no answer, find her no excuse…Because he was blind to all that was not the world he invented for her.
And each time when she behave humanly towards him, he hoped in her return. He could not see that it was just the gesture   of half-eaten, half-digested debris of her affection . Her caring ways  as they swarm on the skirts of his made up land , withering under the crude light of reality.

No hope for them two docks into her heart .

The words in bold were offered by the september 13-19 bigtentpoetry prompt. More works on the prompt on here: come one/come all


irene said...

Intriguing wordle write! Very dream-like.

Ana said...


Anonymous said...

So many beautiful phrases, like half-eaten/half-digested affection. Wonderfully imagistic. Thanks for such word rich post.

gautami tripathy said...

This has so many layers into it! Liked it very much.

timeless flies search for fries

Ana said...

I tried. I hope I did not abuse it :)
it does (have many layers) thanks.

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.