Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confession Tuesday: We are all responsible for the Arizona shootings

or weren’t we supposed to be the most politically mature country in the world?

Dear V.

I imagine that you already heard the news about the Arizona shootings. You had followed perhaps the discussion surrounding the shooters profiling and about who is to blame for it. And I know that it is even more confusing for you who are listening all this disputes there, back home…

So let me tell you what I think – we shall not blame Sarah Palin, nor Glenn Beck. Not even Jesse Kelly and his M16 shooting campaign event should get  blamed for this. As for the shooter, who knows what went through his mind?He is mentally unstable. but somehow he did wait for the 2010 election campaign to be over in order to act…   I do not want to imply that they are all legally responsible, but they should feel morally responsible. And to that extent  we are all responsible. There wouldn’t be a Sarah Palin, Beck and all those who are spewing political vitriol without us, the millions of Americans who are funding their campaigns and raising the ratings of their shows. It was John Dickerson who noted, I think, that the best videos of the 2010 campaign were the “viral” ones. You may recall that I wrote you about, now senator Joe Manchin III and the video that helped him win the elections – the one where he shot the Cap and Trade bill. It is sad I think that he needed to express his position in such an extreme form in order to win the dispute. And whilst the position on Cap and Trade is his to hold, the demand for thus form of expression is ours …

Do you recall how, in the years of our youth, we praised the political maturity of the American voter. And how we did wish that our country will, once more, overcome its dark age and experience democracy and grow into the same political maturity. How we re-read Tocqueville again and again. And now… Today I wonder where is this political maturity gone. And how much more perilous our bias had become without it. I wonder if we shouldn't better stop pointing fingers and look to ourselves first ...

Oh I know, there is an explanation in the ways our media platforms are changing and the Internet and all that, but…

I have to return to work now,

I hope to be able to call soon and that Maja feels much better nowadays

As always



Anonymous said...

I feel so sad with all of this. That people had to die to make a real difference seems to be the norm nowadays - only from disaster will good come. It shouldn't be that way. A member of the British parliament has just been prosecuted and may even be jailed for claims he made to get himself elected last year. I think that the people who represent us should represent us morally, responsibly and honestly. Sadly, it is very rarely the way.
However, that cannot take away the responsibility of the act of one madman. Society needs to be challenged over gun laws and the instant fame that seems to be so appealing to a certain sad mind.
I just feel desperate about the whole thing. I'm glad I read this post today. Thank you.

Ana said...


What gives me this feeling of anxiety each time I think more about the political environment is that I also think this is the place where I do raise my children. It is scary, but I tell myself I shall not despair – there is a lot of violence but also a lot of hope …and each time when some crazy person acts like this we do realize that are several decent ones to make a difference.